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Lady In Satin

Ian's latest and most ambitious project is finally coming to fruition. The show 'Lady In Satin' is a celebration of the music of one of the greatest jazz icons that ever lived; Billie Holiday. The centerpiece of this show is a live performance of her penultimate album of the same name. Recognised as one of the greatest jazz recordings of all time (inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2000), the music was never performed live until now as Billie died in the year following the recording.

The concert opens with a brief history of Billie Holiday's music with authentic live performances of her recordings from the 1930's and beyond. The second half of the concert reveals a 29-piece orchestra under Ian's baton as you marvel at the rich emotional ballads that made this album the masterpiece that it has become known for.

The inaugral performance will take place at St. George's, Bristol on 23rd March 2019 as part of the Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival. Tickets are available from their website.

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